"The hole" is another phrase used to describe solitary confinement in a jail. This is a bit of older prison lingo used back when it was legal for a prisoner to be thrown into a dungeon-like room for an arbitrary amount of time. Living there is difficult as there is no light, no toilet, and just a floor to sleep on.
You always here "the hole" used in prison movies like The Shawshank Redemption, or any movie that takes place on Alcatraz.
A film made in the UK in 2001, directed by Nick Hamm and starring Thora Birch, giving a new take on the question of what a person will do to make someone love them. The Hole was badly mis-marketed on its release as a teen slasher flick, but is in fact nothing of the sort. It's a story about deep obsession, with the lead character, Liz, so focussed on the boy she has set her heart on that she can't think of anyone or anything else, even when her best friend is dying on the floor next to her. In the beginning, we meet a battered and grazed Liz, and we learn that she and three friends have been locked in a WW2 bunker for over a week, having expected to stay for only three days. Kidnapping is suspected, and the person who showed them to the bunker is arrested for questioning. As the film progresses though, we are told the far more harrowing truth of what happened inside the Hole. This film is really unsettling to watch, and made me feel ill as I was leaving the cinema. That a week later however, I was still pouring over the ideas raised by it, gives me reason to recommend this film to anyone interested in this kind of thing.

Known in America as After The Hole.

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