Well, well, what a day. It all began with awakening, as usual, to my little tabby cat, Roi, leaping up onto my bed and chittering away at me. I've noticed that lately, she's less shy about crawling all over me when I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep. A few months ago, she'd just lay beside me... and now she crawls all over my chest, wanders down my legs, and curls up in my armpit, purring loudly the whole while. It's really a beautiful thing!

And off to work I went, then, bright and early at 9 AM. The morning wasn't off to a great start to begin with, as me and the General Manager were the only ones there. After a few phone calls, we found out that two of our openers wouldn't be able to make it in. Terrific! Fortunately, a few people were able to come in early, and it was all okay. The rest of the day, we got pounded with tons of massive chicken orders, and a few customers got pissed off after having to wait 20 minutes or more for hteir stuff... but what can we do when we're short-staffed one person, and the other half of the people there are newbies who haven't been there more than a week? The only truly noteworthy thing about work was the arrival of this cute new worker called Amanda. Maybe she's not cute by mainstream standards... she'd probably be considered "average" by most guys... but there's something about her that struck me right away as being intensely attractive. Maybe it was just her cute smile, or her gorgeous face structure, or her relaxed demeanor... I don't quite know. Anyways, it was her first day, and I saw to it personally that everything went smooth for her, and that she reamined busy and in high spirits. Partially to spend time around her and entertain her with my sense of humor and innocent charm, and also because I'm getting fucking tired of seeing 9 out of every 10 new employees quit within the first two weeks. I intend to keep her around! Best of all, she's displayed interest in the Taco Line, so we'll be working together quite a bit. Joy!

Throughout the course of the horrifyingly busy day, I actually managed to find out that she was totally free tonight, and then I moved on to make evening plans with her. Success! We set up plans to go bowling or something, and she gave me her phone number before she left, and I didn't even need to ask for it! (Which is a very, very Good Thing, for those who do not know.)

However, my luck seems to be running dry lately. I called her tonight, and she couldn't make it for some reason. However,she did reschedule our outing for this Thursday. Generally speaking, when she cancels a date but reschedules it (and hopefully, sticks to her rescheduling) she's a keeper. Life has been giving me many, many false starts lately. Meghann, who I had such fun in the park with a few nights ago, was supposed to get together with me yesterday night, but I couldn't get a hold of her at all last week. Then, I was planning to get together with beautiful Nicole on Friday, but no such luck there either. And let's not even mention Sara. It's been false start after false start lately! Grr! Well, maybe it's just an unfortunate string of coincidences, or perhaps it's some sort of kooky divine test. I'm just going to keep plugging away, and I'll refuse to hesitate, and everything will be okay. I hope.