The things I remember most about the bathtub jam:

the viking hat whose plastic detachable horns we used in our impressions of man, woman, and hermaphrodite.

Orgasmatazz and her orgasm ray.

Discussions about the nature of Teleportation and Telekinesis

hot grits!

the regurgitated string on Lesbians! Monkeys! Soy!

Leaving Clampe sitting outside, knocking for 10 minutes at 8am because he looked like a 50 year old homeless survey taker through the peep hole.

Stacks tag

Our endless elevator ride.

Of course, Whirlyball and the fact that I couldn't drive, throw or hit shit, but my husband, the evil overlord, discovering his heretofore unknown talent. Lucky Bastard.

Almost, but not quite, slipping to my death after trying to stomp on the U of M 'M'.

Four-braiding Orgasmatazz's hair while stoned and drunk.

Stumpy McSporkmouth's incessant licking.

The Blueberry Goop on Kendall's french toast.

The non cream cream.

And, finally, the inability of The Broken Egg's cashier to figure out how to charge us all separately.