Yes it really is gonna happen! The Midwest E2 Bathtub Jam is Saturday, August 5th at 6pm. Whirlyball of Ann Arbor is located at 640 Phoenix Dr in Ann Arbor Michigan. 734 975 6909. I'd like to get a realistic head count on who plans to play. I have to put a deposit on the court which costs $143/hour.That's about $15 bucks a head, but well worth it. The joint also has a pool table, music, arcade games, photo booths, and tables for games, beverages and what not. Whether or not the people want Whirlyball, I have decided to ignore my friend's advice and just have the internet over to my place around 9pm. Things haven't been quite the same since the fire, but you are all welcome to pull up some floor. If you want more comfortable accomodations there is a Comfort Inn on Carpenter road (about a mile from my humble abode)
I personally plan on being room spinning drunk in my own apartment. Talk to me if you need a ride from the airport or more specific directions. Bring a dish/game/performance piece/liqours or whatever you can. If there is a person to floor space issue, we may have to chip in for a hotel party room. Those who survive through the morning may storm The Broken Egg for some tasty food stuff. Hey kids, it's an adventure. Carpe Scrotum!

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