Once a new level comes within about 20 XP, I usually get determined to reach the new level before that day is over. Therefore, I force myself to node and pump out mostly boring facts or other mindless nodes. Not that these nodes are bad; they're merely bland and don't reflect my personality as well as my proper nodes do. Because they are so unexciting, no one ever votes on them. This decreases my experience to nodes ratio and forces me to claw and scratch for XP at the time I need it the most.

Today, my nodes are exceedingly bland, because this phenomena is combined with insomnia, procrastination and a general lack of creativity. I have a Java program due in 12 hours that I have not yet started. I'm really in quite a sorry state for noding. So I'm looking all around my room for things to node quickly and blandly. I'm noding chemistry formulas and flipping through Random Nodes for writeups to respond to. Bleh. Damn Everything addiction.

That level 4 C! button better be worth it . ;)