It should be noted that the sample has nothing at all to do with heroin. It is about smacking women; Kool Keith compares his rap dominance over would-be imitators ("any rapper who attempt to wear Troops and step on my path") to a kind of relationship between a pimp and a prostitute. In his career, Kool Keith also has songs that mention bestiality, pedophilia, mass murder, cannibalism, brutal anal sex, smuggling hard drugs, gyncological exams, and jerking off on a bald-headed girl. I'm sure that the great, self-annointed Protectors of Children could find much more objectional material if they knew Square One about any music other than country, CCM, and Top 40. But they don't, so you get protests over a harmless and rather annoying Prodigy track.

I don't have a problem with him singing about these things in a humorous manner; Keith's a genius and a nice guy, and I have all the respect in the world for him. I also understand why some people could have problems with his words. But let's not try to paint the picture rosier than it is, folks. It's about hitting women. Either come to grips with it, or fight it, but don't make up some fake alternate meaning when you've never heard of Critical Beatdown, you think Liam Howlett pulled those lyrics out of his talented ass, you think that owning copies of Brothers Gonna Work It Out and Perfecto Presents Another World makes you some kind of underground electronica fan, and you think that everything can only be bright and sunny in the world while you get your roll on at Glastonbury listening to some DJ you pretend to know. As Keith would say, you wack. Grow up and get a clue. You can follow Keith Flint, you can follow Mike D, or you can follow your own mind. S'up to you.