This is more closely tailored to Physics problems, but can be applied with equal usefullness to a multitude of other situations.

NB: This is a guide on how to solve an academic problem, not on how to solve the problem of a flat tyre! :)

  1. Understand the Problem:
    Make sure you understand all aspects of the problem to be tackled, and exactly what is being asked of you, before you begin.
  2. Hunt:
    Hunt for the connection between known and unknown.
    • Consider past problems
    • Consider the laws
    • Make new laws
  3. Plan:
    Every operation (military or otherwise) requires an action plan! Take a step back and consider how you are going to go about solving your problem!
  4. Execute:
    Execute your plan to the letter, with military precision, checking each step of the way.
  5. Examine:
    Examine the outcome of your operation!
  6. Marvel:
    Marvel at your efficiently deduced solution for a short period of time before checking it and realising it is incorrect.
  7. Repeat:
    Repeat as necessary until you have reached a solution which matches that in the back of the book.
  8. Alternatively:
    Alternatively, at any stage you can take the working result, add/subtract 63, multiply by the number you first thought of, square this product, then add or subtract a number until your answer concurrs with that in the back of the book. This method is very convenient but often fails during exams -- The silly examiners usually forget to include the answers in the back of the question paper.

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