Follow up to yesterday's daylog. My cow-orker that got into a fight with my team leader yesterday resigned today. I kind of feel bad for the guy in the way I feel bad for any person that has things go bad for them. I don't feel too bad though because he ranked up there for most annoying person I've worked with. I think what bugged me more was my team leader was high strung all day. And kind of put my on edge. See the fight (between my team leader and my cow-orker) erupted because my team leader was supposed to demo our stuff for upper management today. So now I can't tell if my team leader is stressed because of the problems with my cow-orker or because upper management is breathing down our backs. Like most software projects we are behind schedule. The only good thing that has come out of this is I got a little fear put into me and am much more productive at work.

I have had no problems with the job and I like it a lot more than my last. What I fear is if things don't go well with upper management I'll be out of a job that I really like.