I drop my stash of supplies behind the small hill's bushes and produce my pack of cigarettes and a lighter from my front right pocket. Extracting a cigarette from the pack, I embrace it in my lips and ignite the lighter. A 7" flame results and I take a drag of my cigarette. Minutes pass. Headlights can be seen coming down the road, and upon noticing this, I dispose of my smoke and fall into position. Grasping my night vision binoculars close to my eyes, I observe the charcoal black Ford Excursion XLT rolling down the private road.

The vehicle pulls up to the driveway, and as the 44" Super Swamper Boggers turn right, the xenon headlights move their field of projection accordingly. The hum from the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel V8 slows to a pulsating sound as the brake lights emit brilliant reds and the sound of friction and rubber on the rocky asphalt resonates through out the air, reminding me that I'm closer than I think I am. The driver steps out of the vehicle as does the bodyguard from the other side.

I pick up my rifle and activate the night vision scope. The driver moves to the driver side back seat door and opens it. A short, stocky man steps out. I zero in on his head with my scope. I pull the trigger and the stagnant air remains so, interrupted with a small "pff" from my 10" silencer. Silently, my target falls to the ground, and I think "piece of shit". I pick off the remaining driver and bodyguard and make my way out of the large mansion's property.

I hop into my Ferrari 360 Modena (my dream car) and haul ass away. Pushing a button, I activate the CD player, and Wild Out by The LOX fills the small sports car.

"Every check I deposit is just another murder in the closet" -- The LOX, "Wild Out"