I try to stay awake, waiting for her to page me. Eventually, I give in and get in bed. "I won't fall asleep, I'll just sit here till she pages me" I say to myself. Slowly but surely, I drift downwards into the world of sleep.

I am lying in my bed, when she walks through the door. She stands at the side of my bed. I smile at her, she smiles back. She leans over and gives me a huge hug. Of course, as always, I melt in her hands. She knows that I would give anything to get a hug from her. She climbs into bed with me and sa...BZZZT!

I wake up and grab my pager. I push the button so it won't vibrate off my nightside table. I turn on the light, and read the number. It's her. Once again, I drift into sleep. Time passes. I wake up quickly and my eyes are wide open. Looking down, I see my pager vibrating in my hand. I repeat the procedure, light, check the number. Her again. I muster the energy to get out of bed and get the phone. We talk for a while. She might be coming over today.

Although I didn't want my dream about her interrupted, I got to talk to her, so I was very happy. :)
On an unrelated note, yesterday I bought her a $380 diamond necklace. I love that girl. Imagine that.