Waves have taken grey befitting heavy August night.
August ended yesterday but Ocean don't think it's right.
Ocean is lovers with August and with all of Ocean's might,
Ocean wants another chance to dance in August's light.

Kathy running down the hill with shorn head glowing gold
Meets Angela with daisies from a narrow guarded fold.
Angela gives Kathy one more kiss to make her bold
and both go running through the mud til toes start going cold.

Ocean hits the rocks rage rage and throws them at the pair
But Ocean just can't seem to hit these daughters of the air
Sky feels bad for Ocean, and breathes in deep to scare
Silly girls on silly shore with daisies in their hair

Angela and Kathy have a night paid at the inn
The girls are showing nervous love to bellies, hands and chin
Next room, Mr. and Mrs. Smith unwrap each other's skin
September holds its breath and bids the cuckolding begin

I miss Kathy tremendously. Katherine. Something changes us when we're freed from expectations, and college tends to be quite good at doing just that. She was a freshman when I was a senior, but somehow we ended up roommates in Unity house. We were the only bio-females living there, apart from the RA, who was neither queer nor trans. Kathy and I lived together for six months before we were both single enough to try anything together.

I was a virgin til age 20, she became sexually active at fourteen. She was a lesbian from the get-go, where I had stumbled in and out of countless ugly hetero relationships. We got along though.

It became sex, and friendship, it became penpals when she went back to New York, it became visits after I graduated, and she returned to school. Slowly, though Kathy was leaving me. She changed her name to Kit. He started using male pronouns. We learned not to talk about breasts, but chest, how to deftly avoid pronouns when anyone's parents were in earshot.

We learned that women-only spaces accept XX people, no matter how they presented, as well as non-female born people, so long as they identified as female. We learned that it is difficult to want to live as a boy, not a man, and to also retain lesbian identity.

We learned that I am a prejudiced in my own way, just like everyone else. We learned that I am enamoured with male to female people, but quite uncomfortable with female to males. We worked around it. We started over, reintroduced each other. He was a guy. He was one of the guys. We became friends. We didn't talk about genitalia much. We missed what we used to have.

I found another man to get involved with, one that didn't need to dominate or submit to me.
I started wishing for another girlfriend.

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