8:40am EST
My mom sits with me as I have a coconut tart for breakfast. She tells me that last night while washing the dishes, she mistakenly put one of the leftover sausages I had for dinner into the sink with the dish. We crack-up laughing.

9:00am EST
Argh! Traffic is crazy as hell. Of course one car was on the side in the snowbank and everyone stopped to take a look, thus clogging the 407 with their curiosity. I hate it when that happens. It wastes so much of my time.

10:06am EST
Back to work stress! Next week will be quite busy for certain.PLANS PLANS PLANS are what I need to do. COORDINATE with clients for usability evaluations. FUN!

10:16am EST
After talking with my colleague down at Stamford, I've realized that there exists work politics! I've known it before, but I didn't know to what extent it existed. Even for usability of software products, there needs to be some convincing before action can take place. What a SLOW and CUMBERSOME process.

11:15am EST
AAAAAHHHHHH!! This day is going too fast! Oh wait...