If I do anything for you by noding as I do, here's some things you can do for me

I don't want to seem pompous or demanding, but I look at Everything (and everything else) as a way for people to exchange things. Ideas, mostly, laughs, reflections, inspirations, and sometimes, just something to stare at while you're at work, doing whatever most of you computer oriented people do for a paycheck (most of which I admit, I am unable to discern). I read a lot of the funny ones to my co-workers and bookmark, vote, ching, or add to the rest. This place have given me so much, and I hope I have given you as much as I can on a regular basis, that I figured, maybe you could help me.

I'm looking hither and yon for job ideas, moving ideas, and lifestyle ideas. I'm always trying to open my eyes wider at every turn so I don't miss what may still be a golden opportunity lying half under a pile of metaphorical shit. I've got as full a life as I could get without much social activity here in New Orleans, and while I don't see myself moving until at least the end of the year, I'm always thinking up a back up plan, a plan I could enact on the spot if it were inspiring enough. I'm ready to set my sights pretty much anywhere, which is the blessing of not having much holding you down but emotional baggage, which, I've found, fits well inside even an overloaded Festiva (I've done weight checks to see if my teeny tires could take it, and was pleasantly surprised---regret and guilt are the lightest ones so far).

My family is always far away and I've always gotten along without having to depend on much of anyone. When I broke up with my ex here after having lived here maybe 4 months, I slept on the floor of a girl's apartment who barely knew me (the girl, not the…well the apartment didn't know me well either) until I was able to get my own place. I got a temp job and eventually got a perm job, and here I sit, finally financially independent. Or, as independent as one could be with as much college debt as I have. It's been almost 4 years now I've been here, and I think I've seen enough. I've had my down times and my laughs and more Quarter stories than I care to count, and now I want to see what else is out there.

So send me your suggestions. Tell me the most appealing options in the places you've known that, to the best of your knowledge of me based on my nodes, would suit someone like me. I'm kind of hoping to find some kind of job that would appease my creative nature, even if it's copy editing to get a foot in the door, to get free software classes. I am not a stranger to physical labor, but would like to avoid the service industry in the first person; I've done my time in that realm.

There must be beautiful places out there. There must be a selling point in each of your towns and cities. I want to hear them. I've never really been anywhere, never left the East Coast except to come here and once I got here, I never even traveled next door to Texas. I want to pick a place and just head there, but I thought this would be a novel way of getting some suggestions.

Either msg me in Chatterbox, email me at the address listed on my site (which is listed on my home node), or call the Canbox number on my home node. Tell me where I can go, but be nice. And if you want to split gas with me, you're more than welcome to come along.