I woke this morning to a computer that actually works, for the first time in a week. I'd bought a new 45GB Caviar, and a copy of Partition Magic 5, but I stubbornly persisted in trying to solve the problem without a floppy drive. (I'd barbifried my existing drive by putting the data cable in backwards. Again. Dammit.)

So I scraped up what little money I had just before payday, took a lunch break at 3pm, and went speed-shopping for floppy drives. I bought two at Circuit Shitty for $50 total, a lower price than I could find at Staples, Office Depot or Best Buy. (Why two? Because I should have kept the old floppy drive in the Linux machine and not tried to swap it around. Now I've got one floppy drive per machine. As Click and Clack say on Car Talk, it's the stingy man who pays the most.)

I've finally got the system stable and am busy destabilizing it by installing all manner of nonsense -- VNC, ZoneAlarm, the distributed.net client, all my old Internet apps, and so on. But hey, I've got over 50GB to play with, and my 6.4GB machine is in the Linux box so I can finally install a full distro. I'm thinking I'll try Debian first.

I've got a meeting with all ten of my major customers this morning, after which I get to spend an hour or so changing passwords on our server. Joy. After that it's time for some Recall reports. First up: All the large print collections at one particular library, including the call number, author, title, barcode, number of uses, and date of last use, sorted by most recent last use. I'll probably have to feed the big green paper to the dinosaur to get that many columns. Bleh. Could be worse, though -- I got paid, I've got the bread machine set up to have a loaf of raisin oat honey bread ready when I get home, and I got more than 6 hours of sleep last night. What am I complaining about?

Oh yeah... the meeting. That's right.