I know we all love the classic: "Monks sitting at a table, sensible" approach. I feel that Beano should take a more modern, abstract approach. Here's my idea:

A Native American man is sitting around a fire outside in traditional clothing and head dress for whatever purpose
 is necessary. He hears the howl of a wolf, tilts his head 
up to listen more closely, then begins his journey

Then, while the opening them to the tv show "Record of 
Lodoss War" is playing, we watch him climb up a mountain
for a minute or so. Then he finally reaches the end of his 
path: a cliff over an ocean. The camera dramatically 
circles around him as the sun sets in a bright orange 
light and the wind blows through his hair. Then 
we turn around and see a huge ass! And that is the source 
of all the wind! hahaha!

Please tell me what you think and you're own ideas for a Beano commercial!

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