Set up like a traditional AD&D campaign, this set of OAVs is the best of the swords and sorcery-style anime series available. It follows the story of a young fighter named Parn as he leads his party against the forces trying to destroy Lodoss, the accursed island. Released by US Manga.

Series of thirteen OAVs based upon an actual Dungeons and Dragons campaign that took place among several anime industry luminaries.
Produced by the same team at Kadokawa Shoten responsible for The Heroic Legend of Airislan.

An excelent OVA (OAV) anime series with a really heavy fantasy influence (it has kobolds!). Also notorious for suffering from really bad animation in the later episodes, and having some rather strange homosexual overtures involving the main Hero Parn, King Kashew, and Eito the priest (in the dubbed version at least, may just be a result of awkward translation). The TV series is even better and has what was voted as the best anime intro ever.

The "sequel" to Record of Lodoss War, Legend of Crystania has been released in a movie and series of 3 OAV tapes by ADV Films. The story takes place on Lodoss Island, and still involves the evil Ashram, but few other characters from the original series make an appearance. The animation style is oddly fluid, similar to Perfect Blue or Ninku, unlike the original series, highlighted by sharp contrast in character designs. Crystania is NOT recommended for someone looking for a "real" sequel to Lodoss Wars, but rather as another perspective on the Lodoss world.

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