Anime character from Record of Lodoss War and Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight. In the first series, he is the main character, a fighter, who is incredibly headstrong and gets in many fights and is disarmed in most of them (an official count by purists is 12 times in 13 episodes, i believe). He is accompanied by a group of D&D regulars including the elven fighter/mage Deedlit, the dwarf Gim, the priest Eto, the thief Woodchuck, and the mage Slayn. In the second series he is a respected independent knight that goes around helping all sorts of good people in need, and teaching Spark about knighthood in the latter half. He also wears a headband-type thing in the second series. He is loved by Deedlit, and also by Shiris in the second series, but, being a 'silly boy' (as described by my girlfriend), he is quite oblivious to their affections.

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