Anime 26-episode TV series that is a followup to the original Record of Lodoss War, an OAV. Chronicles is set several years after the original series, and seems to rewrite some of the history in the original; purists beware. The first 8 episodes center on Ashram and Parn and king Kashew as they race to gain the Sceptre of Domination which will allow the wielder to rule all of Lodoss. The remaining 18 episodes star Spark, a knight in training, and Neese, a priestess of the benevolent goddess Marfa, as they struggle (as in the first series) against the evil priest Wagnard who seeks to resurrect the evil goddess Kardis. While inferior in most ways to the original series, and notably slow especially in the middle, Chronicles is well put together in most ways, and is fairly well written, but there is unfortunately little character development for Spark's party, which includes a knight in disguise, a female thief with a whip, a half-elf fighter/mage, a large mage, a dwarf priest, and at many times, Parn and his companions. The series is also notable for including a cute, super-deformed 'second part' at the end, which is a very cute, very funny (if you can get past the sugar-sweetness of it) comic rendition of the storyline. The ending is a bit weak (a common complaint for anime), but it is worth seeing if you saw the original. It even sets up Legend of Crystania, which by many accounts is terrible; but you be the judge of that.

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