My day so far, well I woke up at 5:00 for some strange reason and I was really cold, so I decided to make a hot water bottle to warm me up, I started to listen to VAST (Visual Audio Sensory Theatre) and fall back to sleep when I noticed a cold wet feeling on my side, apparently the water bottle had been leaking and it made a huge wet spot. I get up and change my clothes and cover the wet spot with pillows, lucky I have a double size bed so I could just sleep on the side that I’m not usually on and avoid the wet spot.

I finally get up at around noon and before breakfast I go on my computer to start burning some cd’s while I’m having breakfast, * poeau * is my attempt of typing up the sound that my screen made when it blew up! Normally this wouldn’t be seen as a huge problem, but I was already using a spare monitor because my original monitor had blown up and that was under warranty. However the company I brought it off is being difficult and I’m in a legal battle with them to repair my original monitor. So, I go searching for places where I can borrow or hire a monitor, I find a place near me and I decide that since I’ll be in the area I can get my new drivers licence and see if the music shop near there has any albums of ‘The Sharp’.

I go to VICROADS (the place where you get licences) and find out that they’re computers are down and nothing can be done, great! I’ve just driven all the way here for nothing, I hope I have better luck at JB-HI (the music store).

I enter JB-HI and check out the selection there, look at some new car stereo’s with cd players since my cd player is always giving me the shits, I can’t seem to find any ‘The Sharpalbums in their shelves, I go ask at the desk, they say they don’t have any in stock but will look it up on the computer to see if they can order some in, they check, everything is marked red, that is, all their stuff has been deleted and it is unable to be ordered. Great! I’m having such a great day, they tell me my only chance of finding their music is looking around at second hand stores so they give me the details of the local ‘Dixons’ second hand music store.

I drive off to go pick up a monitor to hire, the only good news I’ve heard so far, this place has monitors to sell as well, I might have to go back there to buy one since my monitors are basically unrepairable.

I go home and call up the local Dixons store, no, they don’t have any ‘The Sharpmusic but perhaps I can try their other branches. I call a branch that is near my bf’s work. Yes!! They have all their albums!! They have put them on hold for me for a week!!! Wow one other spurt of good news.

Finally I’m back home and I can go online to do my usual online stuff, I can’t wait for tonight, I’ll get to be held by my BigFlufyPupy all night and as a bonus I also get to see a movie. :0)