Sigh. Work. Sux.

Anyhow, I am planning to read part of a story at an open-mic tonight.

Anyhow, but I've been at work all day, and I don't feel like I've accomplished anything, even though I finished noding the muscles in The Human Anatomy node. Oh well.

Last night I finished another David Foster Wallace essay in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, the one about Lost Highway and David Lynch. Interesting thoughts, but I'm even more unsure if people should take artists seriously, because 9/10 times, we ourselves don't know what we're doing. It's a hard thing to deal with, but maybe we're too pretentious. I mean, what gives us the right to say anything. It's as if we're part of this little club and that no-one really cares to tell us anything, as if they're afraid of our feelings. Ugh.

One of my co-workers just showed me a picture of an art gallery where, hanging on the wall, were simply pictures of anuses, some clean, most not. Is this art? Am I just growing up? Growing old?

Watched American Psycho again, this time paying attention. I don't think Ellis was trying to do much more than make fun of yuppies, which, of course, is not a bad thing. I found the film most disturbing, though not nearly as much as the book, when there was no noticable transition between the sensous sex scenes and the violent ones, because I still had that lingering feeling of beauty, love, etc.

Did a bit of drug research on-line, mostly about e and LSD and a little DXM. Interesting stuff. I was kind of prompted to do this by two things: the bottle of generic robotussin my mom gave me, and my story, in which there are a lot of drug induced scenes. I'm unsure if actual real life experiments would be a good idea, esp. given my recent depression.

I'm looking for some calming music. Ate some Chinese Food, Fortune Cookie Says:
Someone from your past has returned to steal your heart.
You are never bitter, deceptive, or petty.

Behold the power of the cookie. Maybe they're just getting lucky lately.

I found a tire in the hallway at school today, so I rolled it along to all my classes. It earned some rude stares, snide comments, and outright admiration. It was spray painted orange and white, but upon a closer inspection I realized it was of the Firestone brand. Upon this discovery, I abandoned my new toy at the end of a seldom-traveled hall near the science wing. I can only wonder if anyone else found him later and had as much fun as I had. The simple joys of strange entertainment…

Also at school, I was fucking cold as always. It’s cold enough to snow, and the administration still has the air conditioning on. To protest the temperature, I refused to remove my hat, scarf, and mittens I had worn to school. This pissed staff off immensely. The principal – keep in mind this school has close to 1800 kids – personally told me no less that three times to take my hat off throughout the day. But no one said anything about the tire. Go figure.

Had an awards assembly rehearsal to go to at two o’clock. Mostly a waste of time – anyone with a 3.0 gpa or higher gets an academic award. I could never go to class and do no homework and still get at least a 3.0. I wish public schools would raise their standards.

Took a nap after getting home, and woke up in time to pick up Schmoo and make it to pep band no less than three minutes late. Our team lost. It was the cheerleaders fault though – they were dropping people left and right, messing up their hand movements, and jumbling their words together throughout the entire basketball game. We made fun of them instead of paying attention to the score. Jessica, Meagan, Andy, Schmoo, little Dupay, Steph, Kelly, and me all piled onto the bleachers in a rather large heap, and remained there until the band director noticed.

Tonight was supposed to be superhero night (every night we play at a game, we have a theme to dress up for, although participation has dwindled over the years), and two of the six people who dressed up were pokemon, both guys who looked ridiculous when they managed to squeeze into the tiny toddler’s costumes. It made for some good jokes though.

My toe hurts. I better go to bed.

I got my new security pass for my floor at work today. I was more than a little amused to see the ID number on the pass was 31337.

Thanks to sickness, training courses and general incompetence, today I'm the boss of the testing team. Four hours is all it takes for me to remember exactly why I decided a management position would not be included in my future career plans.

I bought myself a copy of the new Placebo album today because it had super-fancy packaging and I'm a sucker for limited edition crap. It's like a pop-up book - pull on a tag on one side of the cover and the CD pops out the other. I give it a couple of months before the packaging falls apart completely. The CD itself is fair-to-middling on first impression, which is unfortunate.

At least some of this year's comebacks have been worthwhile. The Go Betweens return was not only welcome but a pleasure in every respect. "The Friends Of Rachel Worth" has been all but glued in my CD player for several days now.

Sydney, 14:35

Well - I'm that much closer to the next level now - It was a little odd, logging in a seeing the message that I only needed 7 more write-ups for the next level. I stopped and thought - hang on, didn't I only node about 5 things yesterday? And wasn't I about 20 write-ups away at the beginning of yesterday? - closely followed by a short bout of intense paranoia as I tried to figure out how I had written 10 nodes while asleep.

Then of course I read the news and everything was ok again.... no pun intended

It has been almost six months since he asked me to sing Jesus Christ Superstar to him on our drive home from Miami Beach. I asked him why. There was this girl he used to know. A stripper. He hung with her because she shared her drugs with him. She would sing it to him at the top of her voice. He's jewish. He said she liked him, but he didn't like her. She was a stripper. And even though he was a hopeless druggie who used her for her drugs, he didn't think she was the right girl for him.
He thought I resembled her. That is why he wanted me to sing it.
I'm not a stripper.
He does no more drugs.
I didn't sing the Jesus Christ Superstar for him that night, but sometimes I wish I did.

I meet him coming across campus, 6:30 p.m. He's just a black, vaguely human shape with his head down against the rain, and in the sinking blue light we nearly miss each other. I look up at the right moment and say "Hi," and we both sort of stop short. I fumble out my umbrella, open it to cover my nervousness. He takes it from me. Logistically, it just makes sense; he's half a foot taller than I am and he can hold it over both of us more easily than me. It throws me into this half-awkward position, angled towards him, staring up. We talk just a little bit, about inconsequential things. He's on his way to class and I'm on my way home. I can smell him, and rain, too, he smells like some fading cologne and the rain smells, well, like rain, and in the act of returning the umbrella his hand touches mine, and the next moment we've each turned in our separate directions.

Sometimes it's nice, to end your day with an unexplainable grin plastered across your face, giddy as a schoolgirl despite the constant rain.

god. it's been almost a month.

class is eating me alive. i think it's causing schizophrenic tendencies - my weekends have nothing at all to do with my weeks. i'm two different people. i can't allow myself to waste a precious second of spare time. i've already skipped my first class and we're not even four weeks in.

i feel i'm getting simultaneously more caustic and more complacent, meaning i'm just petty. i hate the person i am at work, and can't work up an interest in customer service. school feels like purgatory and i have to sometimes be reminded that this is the last year.

outside right now, there's a good, healthy october. it's raining like hell and warm enough for hoodies. in less than two weeks i'll be 22 and on a pronounced downslope toward old age. i haven't been going to karate - that would probably help.

what i want to be doing is sitting in a slightly damp kitchen drinking beer and carving pumpkins, smoking in the house and talking about the applications of the categorical imperative. i'd like to think beyond next weekend and figure out for sure whether i need a relationship to distract me, and i'd like to read cryptonomicon over again and also buy some comic books and get my dad the birthday present i've owed him for a month. i wish i could paint something. i am sick to death of right and wrong answers because it doesn't make any fucking sense at all that there are eight-thousand-something ways to divide nine isotopes up between five lab assistants and i want to take stirling numbers and pascal's triangle and sew them into a sailboat and float it away on a mighty and turbulent ocean.

that's where the complacency comes in - at least i have something to do.

Five hours, nineteen minutes.

I've been playing a variation along a childhood game for the last six hours that I would prefer not to be playing. I can remember participating in a modified version of 'I'm going to grandmother's house and taking a _blank_' on a debate trip some years ago. This time it is more like 'I'm going to a potential war zone and I'm taking a _blank_.' This job takes some nasty forms on occasion, this is one of them.
Went into work today to pick up plane tickets, orders, service record and a good two dozen handshakes.
No, don't mind going.
Yes, I am nuts.
Yeah, I'll be careful.

Found out the people on the USS Cole that were killed, well the majority of them, were in the galley eating lunch. Gallows humor has it that now Navy food has killed someone. We joke like that to deny that it Could Have Been One of Us. We joke like that to deny mortality. We joke like that because you have to sometimes.
I wonder sometimes if the people that yell the loudest about sanctions, disbanding the military, disarmament and other causes understand what it is like to watch your friends get waxed in senseless ways. Dying because of unrecoverable flight regimes, terrorists, bad parts, stupid accidents and their own lunacy. Whether or not they appreciate the fact that some of us 'warmongers' don't hate the supposed enemy. That we're doing a job so that they have the right to say what they want when they want. I understand that some of the things the American government does are wrong, immoral and plain icky. I go, because it is my job, because despite the fact that I might disagree with pseudo_intellectuals making a stand against certain nasty aspects of American foreign policy, I respect them. These are the people that will shape the next phase of the United States' relationships with the rest of the world. If no one goes, if no one makes the mistakes, if no one saves the lives and if no one dies, nothing is learned. We lose. Everything around us that we have worked and fought for in the past loses. I for one, never want to see that happen.

Four hours, fifty-one minutes.


I wonder.. How did I manage to hit the hay so early last night? Perhaps my body had enough of me turning it into an exhausted, numb, red-eyed mess by staying up late every workday. Whatever the cause, I'm glad I got the 8 hours. Now I am actually able to concentrate on both work and noding, instead of just yawning the day away. And that's especially nice today because of the important meeting coming up tomorrow. We're supposed to have something concrete to show to our client. Which means I'll be drowning in the good old PHP again.

Arachnophobia sucks. Last night - for the first time in a good while - I was assaulted by two of those ugly bastards, who most likely entered the house with the wood my father brought in for the fireplace.
All kinds of spiders won't terrify me. It's mostly only the ones with insanely long legs that creep the hell out of me. And the first one of the two creatures I encountered last night was one of the biggest specimens I have yet seen. I spotted it crawling less than 10cm away from my foot, resulting in immediate silent panic.
This irrational fear is especially annoying because I consider myself to be a quite rational person. Finnish spiders are relatively small and completely harmless, so I know they can't hurt me. Unfortunately there is no chance to think as the feelings of disgust and terror hit me like a lightning.
This is just so stupid. If I must suffer for a phobia, why not one that would make some sense?

Oh, right.. Work. More later.

To be continued...

Today's Writeups
Yamaha DX1 | Yamaha DX5

Finland Metanode

        Upon mailing the finalized web page to my ex-owner^b^b^b^b^bclient, I set out to get away from my computer and associated horrors. Grabbing my laptop and manuscripts, I transpose to Carpe Diem where I begin to type up the last pages of "Sins of the fathers." The last page, the suicide note, is re-written twice; only after I feel as if I had just written my own am I satisfied with it.
        As I begin to finish up, a dwarf-looking (in the Dungeons and Dragons sense) man approaches me and tells me of a poetry reading upstairs. It turns out he can write rather well and read even better and is in good company with the rest of the group. One girl stood out, though. She read three poems, I wasn't able to remember but the jist of them because of her magnetic eyes. She was rather small-figured, with curly brown hair, well-defined facial features and light-brown eyes that sparkled with concealed knowledge. Her poems were impressive, I remember that - good sense of rythm and tone - but her face... ::sigh:: she made eye contact several times, and seemed to look at me more than the rest - proabably because I was the stranger.
       I had nothing on me to read, but stayed well after the majority of the group had left, talking to three of the readers about stylistic approaches. I was invited to their next meeting, at one of their houses next tuesday... that might be my only shot, they are actually part of a class, I doubt I would be a permanent visitor. Regardless, I'm planning on reading Tropical Shower - poem and making eye contact with her towards the end. She seems non-bullshitty enough to respond to that.

        One of the readers happens to be a student of chinese, and I gave him a copy of the curse which was laid on me in Paris, written in a mirrored fashion. He could only decipher two characters, Opening and Hard/Difficult, but promised to show the spell to his teacher.

        It's five-thirty again, I have no clue where these hours go. I log on to e2 at midnight, and the next thing I know the sprinklers announce the coming of a new day. There are many things to be said, yet I have to get to sleep before the sun rises and the birds chirp, ensuring consiousness. "You aren't asleep yet, you can still hear us," they chant "you aren't asleep yet, and you never will be because you stayed up too late noding and now it's too late to get any sleep so you'll have to spend tomorrow looking like a zombie and sleeping through the afternoon on the couch, fucking your sleep pattern up even worse all because of your stupid habit. So Hah!"
They say that, I promise. Slow it down and you'll hear it.

I dare you.

I miss the faces of the past too much. There was a guy I met once, I thought he was one of the most brilliant people I'd ever known. We finally met in person and he sat staring at his feet for 5 minutes straight after I had asked if he wanted a drink. I began to panic, I didn't know what the hell he was doing, he just sat there full of nerves and anxiety and stared at his goddamn feet.

"Do you want a drink or what?" I knew I had impatience in my voice. I couldn't stand him sitting there not doing anything. But he just sat there. The time ticked on.

But he finally looked up. He looked right into my face. He looked at me directly and unmoving, as if he was sitting there building up this courage to look at me. I don't know what he was doing. He looked up at me and he smiled very calmly.

"Yes," he finally answered.

I didn't understand anything he said. He was on a totally different plane of existence. "Can I kiss you?" he asked as we sat on the steps. Why was he asking this? I had just finished teaching him how to properly smoke a cigarette and throw bottlecaps. I just laughed and hid my head behind my arms. Instead, we broke into the Berkeley library and ran down the halls.

I saw him on IRC one night. His words made perfect sense. He stopped talking in incomprehensible rhymes. "I am a pornstar," he told me. And he wasn't joking. And I just didn't know what to say, except that I liked him better when he made no sense.

My head is pounding and sometimes I don't feel like making any sense.

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Last night I was icq'd by a colleague; when asked how I was, I absent mindedly answered that I was looking forward to getting back to work. This was met with astonishment, a little anger and a quick offer to take me to the pub for some alcohol and attitude readjustment.

Unfortunately, the conversation at the pub was the usual "slight amount of ice preventing honest opinion exchange" which sucks. He was going on about how much he hated our workplace, and I was waxing lyrical on my beloved. But I got to drink a little, to sit in a public place and be out of the house for a couple of hours. I'm still looking forward to work, however much some people think it sucks.

The sun must be out; even if from my window I can only see grey cloud, there is bright sunshine picking out all the chores I have to do in the garden. Pruning, cutting the lawn, finishing the flower bed, removing this summer's dead annual flowers and weeding. One day, I will have to get out there, but today is too damp - a good excuse, I thought.

BT's ADSL won't be available on linux for a little while yet, so I have to download a whole bunch of things to make my life bearable under windows ME. GetRight, cygwin, ActiveState Perl and Python, ICQ and ZoneAlarm firewall software. I just wish I had xchat for windows...

*sigh* If that is all I have to worry about, then I am doing OK. This level requirement readjustment in E2 has jumped me a level, I now have 160+ nodes until level 8. Eek!

A small bit of light through the window. I've been tossing for hours, half-awake. She suddenly exclaims "oh, SHIT, we forgot to set the alarm!"

A mad scrabbling/scrambling for the clock. Ohshitohshitohshit what time is it have we overslept missed all our classes failed out of school it's only 7:40. We got nearly 12 hours of sleep.

Well, now we're awake. We paid attention to one another for awhile, but then the irresistable urge to node came over me. I'm planning on noding everything I know about Irlen Syndrome today, as well as some thoughts on the Tattered Cover (an exceptionally wonderful bookstore in Denver) and a brief description of the gadfly database product.

Nokia 9110

Today I spent more time playing with my new toy. I was busy transferring my old contacts stored in previous phone Nokia 7110 into the Nokia 9110. I've tried sending the contacts via SMS from the former to the latter. Works fine. But that would of course cost me, and it has to be done contact by contact.

I then played around with sending the contacts (or business cards as Nokia calls it) via IR, since both the Nokia 7110 and Nokia 9110 have IRDA ports. Unfortunately, it still has to be contact by contact. Only sans the cost.

In case you're wondering why I didn't use the SIM card to transfer the contacts, it is because both the Nokia 7110 and Nokia 9110 supports multiple phone numbers per contact (which I make use quite a bit of).

The last week has been spent in Ottawa, to spend time with Jessica on her birthday, and so that I might attend my godfather’s wedding, next weekend. The job-hunt in Toronto was going reasonably well, but obligations here forced me to take a week and a half away from TO.

TO has, however, left me a very spoiled young man. After being VIP’ed into all the ‘elite’ three-story rave clubs, having my every need or want paid for by bouncers, bartenders, managers, porn stars, DJs, club kids, or what-have-you for a few weeks, paying twenty dollars cover for a hundred-person Ottawa rave held at a yoga center can be humbling, and frustrating.

Not to say that it’s not fun, or worthwhile. It just takes some adjustments, is all.

Geoff Walls is to be married this weekend, as well. I was not invited to the ceremony, but I would like to attend the reception, as I was unable to make the bachelor party… Unfortunately, I still don’t know how late my godfather’s event is going to run, and I’d hate to ditch out on either of them… Not to mention that Jessica is obligated to be at a friend’s show the same night.

Jessica and I have been at odds again, the last few days, but not for reasons one would think. Recently, we’ve been hearing people tell stories of domestic violence in our relationship, or express concerns that there’s an element of physical aggression, or brutality… And while that’s simply not true, it explains to some degree how people have been treating us, as a couple… And it does add to any existing relationship tension.

Also to be considered, we did go out and party all weekend, and we did do that fully knowing that we’d be bitchy and catty for a few days after… I’d like to think that we’re just burned out from a weekend of fun, and we have yet to recover. I know I’m far more irritable at the moment than any other given day. I think we just both need to back off a bit, at least until our legs don’t hurt from dancing anymore. It’s easy to be snappy.

After a long conversation on the subject, an old friend and I have decided to try and revive the old role-playing sessions we used to run and/or attend. We’re going to be hosting a one-shot session this Friday, and there’ll be quite a few dollars dropped into the event. Full dress code will be in effect, food will be provided, and we have our eyes on a few gorgeous locations to be rented for the occasion.

The theme? Murder-mystery, world-of-darkness style. Yum.
Today I have to take some film in for processing, get some work done on a project, and then I'll probably get bored and find my friends and go do something. The thing I like about wednesdays is that the next day is thursday, which for me is my first friday of the week. See, I dont have class till 2:00 on fridays, so I can basiclly do anything on a thursday night. Yay.

On a more relevant note, I've recently started doing nodeshell rescues, it's been great.
So far I have saved:

Hopefully today I'll get time to save a couple more. I am aware that not 100% of my posts are of C! quality, but at least I make the effort :)

I gave an old friend of mine the cold shoulder today, because he deserved it. And being a rather shallow friendship anyways, It's out of mind almost completely.

But what he did.... broke The Rules.

Rule: you don't: date/hook up with/flirt with a friend's ex-girlfriend if you want to remain a friend.

So, he did, broke the rules... oh well

My cold is getting better; no more coughing fits, just a stuffy noze and mild sinus pressure. Beautiful.

Continued work on latest programming assignment throughout much of last evening and think that I might be nearing a major breakthrough. So that's relieving.

I have a 1968 paperback copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey in front of me that is beckoning to be read. What'll it be... 5 times?? 6 times??

My books make up the basis for my perception of reality

Last night I watched "The Cider House Rules".. I hate when I get teary-eyed during movies. I spoke with Bradley. That made me really happy, but sad all the same. Tis not his fault, it's just the circumstances. I spoke to quite a few other people also. The coincidences in this life, really don't astound me anymore.

Somewhere in the middle.. my insecurities, issues, intellect, and perception have to meet. I think that is what they are doing now. I have had a better grasp on things as of lately. Partly due to a firm kick in the head I gave myself. I can't keep letting things overwhelm me. I guess the crappiest part of that is, I know I am not weak.. but I give in too often.. For a while I had lost the energy to fight back. It's not that I didn't care.. I just didn't feel as if I had it in me.

I wrote a really hard letter yesterday.. it wasn't hard to right.. just the right words were hard to find. I still don't know if I found them.

Sometimes I feel as if I am deceiving myself.. this world I am trying to build around me built on the absolute truth. Is there such a thing? I mean, after a certain point.. is there just truth of perception? 2+2=4, for me.. but who knows what is like from the other side. That is probably a bad analogy, since mathematics is black and white.. but it's the best analogy I can come up with this second.

With as much as I try to understand the perception of others, I never seem to be accurate with how I am perceived. This bothers me. I often catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and wonder if I saw myself, or heard myself speaking.. How I would perceive that person? What snap judgements would I make, what would I just assume until proven wrong?

Last night was pool night with a couple of people from work. I met my girlfriend at a noodle joint in Berkeley for dinner. She was pretty quiet at the restaurant, but I was not too concerned, as we had been up the night before.

After dinner, we walk down the street to Thalassa, the bar and pool hall I frequent, and she turns to me and apologizes for being quiet, then she begins to say those words, "I think I need a little bit of time and space".

We had met playing pool on a night like this, a couple of months ago. It took until the beginning of September for us to decide to embark on a deeper friendship and some physicality. It's been a very nice distraction, but I know that I don't really want to open up to her.

Right now, I wear a cloak of ambivalence and I am surprised that it seems to fit me well, well . . . .

Well, I've become addicted to E2 again. I am late for my Math class. I've got to pick up my boyfriend in Half Moon Bay, which is 40 minutes away (even with how I drive), then pick up my ex-boyfriend in Sunnyvale, and then take everyone to go visit another boy in Los Altos. And, somehow make it home for dinner at 6:00 so my parents don't get pissed at me.

Well, I managed to get out of dinner, but I locked my keys in my car in Half Moon Bay. Luckally my boyfriend's dad called AAA, so it wasn't too big a deal. We got to Sunnyvale an hour late, which pissed off my ex-boyfriend, who says I was never good at committing anyway. Anyhow, we finally made it to Los Altos, where my ex and our new boy (Chris) fell in love, and made out in the back seat of my car while my boyfriend and I discussed CORBA.
Only two lectures today, yay. <g>

But not quite a happy day. Donald Dewar's funeral took place in Glasgow Cathedral this afternoon. As I posted last Wednesday, the world didn't quite notice that Scotland lost its First Minister.

People at Glasgow Uni did, though - he studied Law here. And the funeral cortege passed along University Avenue. I'd happened to pop into the student tv offices for something or other, and was asked to film it pass, so I stuck about the campus for a few hours. A couple of hundred people had gathered along the street, along with lecturers and Uni officials at the main gates.

I took a few shots of the crowd who had turned out, some flags at half mast, and then set out to find some students to ask why they had turned out to pay their respects. In doing so, I just about missed the three cars passing by..

Just as I had been setting up, I met Chloe. Her boyfriend had just dumped her. I had no idea what to say. I didn't think I knew her well enough to hug her, so it was pretty awkward. Not fun. I said I'd meet her in the bar later, but had to head back homeward for a doctor's appointment. Oops.

On my way to lunch today, I had to go to Kinko's. I found the most unusual thing on the door.

Someone decided to stick a Michael Jackson sticker to the door. Based on Michael Jackson's appearance on the sticker, I'd guess that the sticker was from the Thriller years.

I came home today to find good news in the mail. My home loan application has been approved. I'm going to be a homeowner in a matter of weeks. Woo-hoo!
Unremarkable day with two exceptions:

a) Joined art club. Only did it because this cute girl is in it. Why else would a guy do something this silly?
b) Gave cute girl a ride home. Got date for friday. Very great.
It's been bizarre day...lost three seperate amounts of change desperatly seeking liquid refreshment at work to three seperate Vending demons.

Had visions of penguins en masse attacking the poor polar cousin or the north. Thus espiring the thoughts of how do polar bears die?Cold. Very cold.

Work was a fistfull of pathos and little reasearch of troubles.

And life like Hudson Hawk leaves me looking for a GOOD coffee beverage (I prefer mocha - not the gritty kitty Starbuck thing) to no avail. I gotta go back to Cleveland...but Coffee Craze is no more!!! I hate the Russian mob...or the rumors of how they tore down my favorite coffee house!!!!!

Otherwise the fighting robots (that really aren't robots) was better than usual...but they edit TOO much.

Ah. This day is done almost...And "I've still got twelve dollars...

I'm listening to the new Radiohead album, Kid A, and I realize why they aren't doing any promotion for it. How can you promote an album that has absolutely no songs worthy of radio airplay? I mean, Creep was a badass song. I've been told that Kid A is a better representation of what Radiohead music is all about, but I just don't know if it's worth the $15 that I payed for the CD.

Anyway, today was a perfectly dreary day. I slept through all my morning classes, and woke up 5 minutes before my noon class, which just happens to be Band. That means that I slept through Russian, and Geology. NOT GOOD. I'm failing Geology as it is, and missing yet another day isn't helping my GPA one bit.

Ah..the joys of working at Texas Tech University. I have the wonderful privilege of working in the main office in the dorm. Don't get me wrong, working in the office is great, but I have to work from 3-6 am. Which means that I go to work in roughly four hours. I guess I should get some sleep, eh?

Yes...sleep....sleep is good....sleep is your friend....yes.....I think I'll sleep now.

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