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I ended my search for a job. I needed to find one that basically lets me set my own hours. There's not many jobs out there like that. Fortunately I found one. I'll be working part time at the library I worked at about two years ago. My father's immense amount of vacation time which he uses to take most the summer off and bring myself and my mother along to the cottage forces me to find a job with few hours and an ability to schedule them awkwardly. The job pays minimum, but I like the people, and hey, who knows if a hot library chick will walk in and save my repressed libido.

On a totally different note a bunch of my friends are graduating from high school tomorrow, including my cousin who is probably the closest thing to a soulmate I'll ever have. Its odd but I have more close friends from her class and her group of friends than from my own acquantainces in high school. So I'll be attending various graduation parties, and of course the actual event.
Which leads me to...
I was invited to my ex-girlfriend's graduation party this Sunday. I'm not any longer. Basically the two of us are too nosy and poke into one another's business, because we still kinda care a bit too much about one another despite everything. I had heard word that she cheated on her new boyfriend with a co-worker. I asked her how she could do something when she herself had extolled to me on numerous occassions about how badly it hurt when it happens to you. Anyways, she didn't like that I even knew about her promiscuity. So she vowed to not speak to me and uninvited me, as well as "my-so called friend who told you." She doesn't seem to get the fact that if she tells every girl she knows, that it just might spread. I don't get it, the girl is intelligent and was well-raised, but ever since I met her, she's begun a downspiral of moral degradation. And I'm a freak who cares too much so I end up being like a second father and scolding her for all sorts of things (mind you, she does the same to me, if I ever get close to doing domething she doesn't approve of, or something I formerly looked down upon). I wish she'd get it through her thick skull that when she gets caught doing something like that and the people she wants to keep it from, hear about it; perhaps she should vow to change her actions, rather than her friends, because they told someone else. Oh well.

I gotta learn to just let things go, and worry about my own shit. I became too much like my sister, and I presume we got it from my father.