Today was an overall rather boring day. I spent the first half of the day swimming and lounging at my cottage on Honeoye Lake. At 1:30 I left for home with my cousin trailing behind. I had been invited to yet another graduation party.

I crashed the first party, because I knew the girl well and figured she wouldn't mind if I dropped in. She was happy to see me, and I joined a round of volleyball and later on some horseshoes. I ended up being pretty good at horseshoes, I had never played before. I saw some of her friends that I know and one of them was upset that I didn't run over and say "Hi." Throughout the day she talked to me more and I got the feeling she liked me. My cousin agreed. The only thing that threw me was that she asked if I had a girlfriend and when I told her no, she told me that Jen, a friend of hers, thought I was "hot." Note: Jen is the same girl I mentioned in my June 18, 2000 day log. She's the one who calls me "babe."

After most of the people my age left I went home and then to eat some dinner at Bill Gray's with Jay. We always eat there, it just seems like we have the best time eating there. No real reason, just that we like it. Sadly it was a Sunday night so the place was infested with q-tips, seems to be a hangout of theirs like Applebee's.

We went to Bryanne's graduation party afterwards, and there were a couple more friends I knew. More volleyball, plus some badminton. The girls sat around and did nothing like usual. Except that during the game they went for "a walk." Which is their highly secretive way of saying they were off to go smoke up. I'm strongly anti-drugs mainly because I've lost friends (the friendship, they didn't die) to it. I also see how they act and man are they annoying. Night dragged on and we were pressed inside by the onslaught of mosquitos in the backyard. Not even the tiki torches could hold them at bay.
The pot was starting to take effect on the girls and they all sat around the living room staring at one another and luaghing. I sat around hoping that we'd do something to pass the time rather than have them rely on the after effects of the drug. We didn't. Eventually the girl who was at the first party began trying to get my attention. leaned her leg on mine. Pushed on my sock. Pulled on my sock. Ripped my sock off of my foot. After recovering the sock hostage, I was just waiting for an out to leave. Luckily Bryanne jokingly said to leave. So I did. But first I had to actually get over and get my shoes on. The girl didn't like my wanting to leave. She crawled over and grabbed my leg, like a small child would with their mother, begging me not to leave and asking why I was. I told her it was tough to get my shoe on with her hanging on my leg. So she let go and instead rolled up my pant leg. Then she took my shoe while I was unrolling the pant leg, and put it down on the opposite side of the room. At that point she gave up, I retrieved my shoe and left. As I was leaving Christina sarcastically said not to leave after all I was the life of the party. Which got me a bit ticked. I don't consider it all too fun to watch stoners sit around, not to mention none of them even moved the entire night except to go inside. Oh and for the "walk."

Moral for the day: Don't do pot kids, it's just stupid and annoying.