I believe that sublety and tact are the causes of at least, oh, 75% of the world's sociological problems.

It's why guys miss out on girls' signals. This subtlety is unfortunately necessary, as saying what you really feel is usually grounds for sexual harassment in today's world.

It's why people spend years in dead-end jobs with no chance of improvement or promotion. They're too afraid to just tell their bosses what they really feel, because someone might actually get offended. We can't have that. Not that anyone wants to hear the truth anyway.

Political correctness.

It's why you have to deal with people you don't like, because today's wisdom dictates that you put up with it to avoid being rude and telling them to get the fuck away from you.

It's why messages that get sent between multiple people are usually wrong by the time they get to the recipient. Each person decides to helpfully rephrase and twist it to be more "agreeable" to their own motives.

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