I used to love the rain. It had s calming effect on me, as if it could wash away all my worries and all my pain. But lately it just makes me sad.
Marty died almost two years ago now. Probably the most fun memories I have of us together were the times when it used to rain. We used to run around in the parking lot in front of our apartment, screaming and splashing in the puddles. We would stay outside til we were completely drenched playing this silly game we made called 'you're it'.
The rules of the game were pretty simple, one person would smack the other on the butt and yell, "You're it!" and run away and the other would chase the first.
There is an old Eurythmics song from the 80s, it goes something like this:

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
Is it raining with you

I have heard many people say, "when Joe died, a part of me died too." and I always thought that was pretty cheesy. But I realize that as corny and cheesy as that may sound, it is true.

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