It's my Birthday!

On this day I celebrate my 23rd revolution around the Sun!

Managed to get this day AND the next day off of work... Will let you know how the pah-tay went!

BTW, Brodo, as a fellow Seattlite (Actually, a Tacoman, but what's the diff???) here is my advice to you:
If you are the quite and peaceful type, go with the first ad. Looks a little more pricey but definitely looks like that person's looking for someone quiet...
As for the second ad, do that if you want to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend, because you know that that is a UW party house, you will be doing a lot of partying and this will piss off most women. But if you are less the quiet type and more the partyer, and your g/f is the type not to get pissed if you party a lot, go with the second one (I'd go with the first ;)