Ghostbusters, 1984 - directed by Ivan Reitman, Region 2 DVD - BBFC Rating - PG.

Walking a fine line between horror and comedy, Dan Aykroyd's supernatural satire proves to be a rare thing indeed—a live-action cartoon. Bill Murray deadpans his way through everything and utters quotables too numerous to mention. Basically, a frankly ridiculous idea pulled through 360 degrees and spun into an entertaining romp for everyone.

The picture's probably the best it has ever looked since the original negative was first struck back in 1984: rich, detailed, vibrant colors, it is lent a warmth from the transfer. 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, too. Excellent.

The surround channels are barely used, so it's good that the subwoofer kicks in when the backpacks are switched on and the lightning whips sound superb. A shame more wasn't done, but it's still nice to see a fine film brought into the digital age.

A multitude of extras on the Ghostbusters DVD goes to show the effort expended by Columbia Tristar, lovely menus of New York with Mr. Stay Puft walking through, loads of photographs, and twelve deleted scenes. 1984 promotional featurette on the production, preproduction sketches, special effects featurette, comparison of a rough cut of the film with the final cut, storyboards and Ghostbusters 1 and 2 trailers AND the first video commentary on DVD, something to show off.