Discovered why I don't go to Tower Records for CD purchases. I'm sorry, but I can't think of any non-import cd that is worth $20.99. Nothing. I wandered around, picking up a few that I was intending to purchase, then upon noticing the prices, I immediately put them all back and left.

Went to Best Buy instead, and the $20.99 CD was down to $16.99, and the $18.99 one was only $12.99 there. So I realized rather quickly which place I'm going to shop at. Though I am considering looking and seeing if there are any local non-chain shops, and giving them a visit.

Anyways, I bought:

Went to do a little clothes shopping, and was feeling very much in an androgynous mood. That's when I discovered that, at least at the moment, there seems to be very little that can fit into that category besides the standard jeans and t-shirt. Everything I saw was either very defintely masculine or feminine, and I wasn't in the mood for that. So I didn't get much of anything. (BTW - if anyone knows of a good place for androgynous clothing, let me know... somedays I just feel that way and need clothing for it...)