I was part of international group sent to an odd deserted facility. It had two levels, lower one had normal metalworking machinery, but the upper one was a small room with pyramid-shaped roof windows, made from thick armor glass. Large part of the pyramid's top was cut off, and exactly same sized square hole was on the floor of the room as well. Through there was a hole in lower levels floor as well, it was patched with a door we werent permitted to open. We decided to leave it, but after we had been around for a while, things started turning out more sinister than we had thought.. When no one watched, bald man from our group opened his laptop computer and connected the Brotherhood of NOD. Now I noticed that he was Kane, and he told them "The device is almost at my grasp, Tiberian sun shall rise again!". Two of the soldiers at the other end of the line nodded, and he closed the connection. One of our group members was missing, but when some of us went to look for him, sharp clean chrystals started falling from the sky, and before we got back in, japanese man got killed, and some others got injured. Now I realized that the hole in the roof was for letting the chrystals in, and because this was getting serious, I decided we'll break open the door, no matter what our orders were. Indian and I beated the door open, revealing a huge open tank of green glowing liquid. It was positioned in a concrete basement, and Kane was just coming in through a secret passage tunnel he had apparently used since we got there. He had chrystal on his face, but I woke up before he noticed us..