It's early December 16th, and I just poured my wife into bed. She works with a bunch of college-aged guys, and they just had their Christmas party. Ms. Pickle drank them under the table, downing an entire fifth of Jim Beam and several assorted alcoholic mixed drinks. She rarely gets fragged (once or twice a year), and she went out of her way this time. I don't blame her, she hates her job. Luckily I had someone take away her car keys, just in case.

The only problem with getting plastered today was that we had to attend my youngest daughter's karate awards ceremony. Imagine a gymnasium filled with uptight yuppies with single kids, and I stroll in with a completely drunk wife. She's giggling and doing the hiccup thing with deft precision. She tries to clap a few times, but always when there's no reason to clap. Luckily she couldn't line up her hands to make any noise.

Little Pickles advanced three stripes to Blue Belt, 3rd Degree. I'm very proud of her, she has really worked hard for this.

Yurei says hello to all of his pals here on E2. He's still floating around in the Persian Gulf, cursing The Man all the while in multiple languages.

Have a great weekend, y'all. I'll be spending the first part helping Ms Pickle through her monster hangover.