Alan was invited to some random girl's graduation. He was supposed to go out on stage with her because she wanted to present him with something. I went with him to the ceremony; he went dressed in a suit and carrying a guitar, in case anyone wanted him to play a song. I sat in the waiting room with the girl's sister.

"What is she going to announce?"

"I think he is inheriting something.."

"What is he inheriting?"

"The university."

"I'll be waiting here for awhile, won't I?"

"Probably.. our last name is Sweralsky, so we're at the end of the alphabet."


"But you know.. we can float.." She pointed to a large window at the end of the room, and all of a sudden we were floating in the air outside the window. Then we fell to the ground and entered the school. In the hallway, there was a naked woman pinning a man against a wall. I walked towards them and pushed my hands out to the sides, separating them. I said:

"Sorry, I need to come between you two for a moment." I pushed my way past, and turned around to make eye contact with the naked girl.

I said, "Now that you two have gone through that separation, your relationship will be much stronger."

The naked girl started laughing, and I smiled at her.