Over the span of my years here on Everything2, I think I have given the impression of being a fairly mild-mannered, easy-going fellow. I can think of only two occasions where I genuinely lost my temper in the nodegel, and I felt deep shame at my behavior afterward. I am not given to fits of rage; hate is by and large simply not my bag, baby.

But I have always, always, ALWAYS hated those fscking "How To Offend Any" nodes with a passion. And now they are GONE. ALL OF THEM. (Even "How to offend any Jacobin", which was actually pretty funny.)

I dedicate this bloodbath to DMan, whose rant in How to offend any person who makes "how to offend" nodes was way too ad hominem for me (hate the node, not the noder), but who was nevertheless dead on target here:

Not only do I find your inane blurbs on offending innocent people boring, they are all blinding flashes of the obvious. You are blatantly noding for numbers. I do not find your lame attempts at humor funny, nor do I understand the purpose of making dumb jokes on specific groups of people, because face it, chances are no one will ever do it in real life, and that negates the point of these nodes.

I am sick of your lame jokes and I will use all my voting powers against them until this spree of idiocy comes to an end. You are the embodiment of all that is wrong with Everything, being a combination of NFN, "getting to know you" nodes, one-liner nodes, and XP whoring. You have no place here on E2. Go back to the USENET spam forums. Everything is a forum for discussion, not a database of dull punchlines. If you want to attempt humor, make it good, like the ask moJoe series. You suck. Begone.