The sketch was in episode twelve of the first series of Monty Python, first broadcast on 4 January 1970. The contestants included Nigel Incubator-Jones (played by Terry Jones), and the eventual winner Gervaise Brooke-Hamster (played by Michael Palin); the others' names differed in the script and in the Big Red Book. In the book John Cleese is shown as Nigel Nigel Hyphen Hyphen Stroke Money, a really excellent twit, winner in 1961, and who beat a boy to death at Eton for being middle class.

The twelve obstacles on the course are

  1. The Start. It takes quite a bit of explaining to get them to realize they have to start when the starter fires the starting gun.
  2. The Straight Lines. Hard part is not falling over.
  3. The Matchbox Jump. The matchboxes are piled three high.
  4. Kicking the Beggar. Hard part is stopping once the beggar's down.
  5. Hunt Ball Photograph. Hard parts are kissing the deb and facing the camera.
  6. Reversing into the Old Lady. One of the easier ones. Incidentally, a firm in Surbiton supplies the old ladies.
  7. Slamming the Car Door to Wake the Neighbour.
  8. Insulting the Waiter.
  9. The Bar. Getting under a bar five feet above the ground.
  10. Shooting the Rabbits. The rabbits are tied to the ground but it still requires an immense barrage with a shotgun to have any chance here.
  11. Taking the Bra off the Debs. These days dummies are used instead of debutantes because of the danger of over-excitement.
  12. Shooting themselves.

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