Forgive me noders, for I have sinned. It has been nearly 16 days since my last writeup. I will explain.

On February 19, 2002, I celebrated the 1-year anniversary of my first contribution to this fine database, and began self-auditing all my yearling writeups, correcting spelling, punctuation, HTML and formatting in general, even adding bits of content here and there where I'd learned something new on a topic or failed to adequately explicate my lyrics or some such.

On February 20, 2002, I requested a firm link between omelet and omelette, first of yossarian, thinking only gods could satisfy such demands, than of whatever gods were watching the catbox when it seemed yoss had gone offline. I found out from Xamot and Roninspoon, I believe, that content editors could make firmlinks as well, and then I REALLY learned it at some time after 20:21 server time when I returned to my computer after a snack break to discover e2 had sprouted all kinds of crazy bells and whistles (ok, mostly buttons and the like) in my absence. A few dizzy seconds later I realized there was a dollar sign next to my name in the Other Users list! Holy crap!

Eventually I discovered the /msg from ideath explaining that she was the perpetrator of this very nice belated e2 birthday surprise. My head was still spinning as I emailed Jongleur the news and replied to meson, who may have noticed my editorialization before I did (his message was right after ideath's). Anyway, besides those three already mentioned, I'd like to thank all the noders who sent me their congratulations and welcomes and whatnot: Jet-Poop (sorry about the leg), JayBonci, Roninspoon, riverrun, Quizro, dannye, Chihuahua Grub, flamingweasel, Gritchka, Gorgonzola, anthropod, WickerNipple, WolfDaddy, jaubertmoniker, liminal, dann, Igloowhite, factgirl, Chris-O, atesh, wertperch, Ouroboros, and Halspal. I'd also like to thank the Academy, Cthulu, and your mom.

That said, I haven't been noding at all because I've been cautiously playing with my new powers these past two weeks, with the following results:


I promise to identify myself in my Klaproth messages, or at the very least give reason for my kills.

  • PHP (thing) by idoru (mercifully), as suggested by flamingweasel when we were testing out our ninja powers: it had been well superceded by other writeups in that node.
  • meat is murder (idea) by stupot (mercifully); it had lost its author enough XP, we both agreed as I this time remembered to identify myself in the Klaproth message.
  • the different types of porn (idea) by kenata because it just plain sucked, and some 15 people agreed with my assessment (rep at time of kill: -5)
  • Free to Be... You and Me (thing) by Kenan (mercifully) after he kindly agreed to move his writeup there to the existing node. Also filed nodeshell deletion request to minimize database clutter.
  • Some Jews actually get pissed when you wish them a Merry Christmas by Carthag and Robert Paulson: both writeups were getting downvoted to heck, and the node in question's been condemned as GTKY anyway.
  • yada yada yada (thing) by Woundweavr (mercifully) after it was rampantly superceded by Imprecation's writeup.
  • Suicide is not amusing (idea) by loki because it was insensitive and ungrammatical to boot.
  • circumcision (idea) by zeta10 (mercifully); it was a blank writeup.


I've tried to message users as I correct their writeups, but I've probably missed a few here.


Editor Cools

None yet. I'm a weenie.


This place is like a giant wiki! A wiki I can vote on! This is RAD! The anal-retentive English teacher who lives in my forebrain is having the time of her life. And finally, in case all the cools and collaboration didn't give it away, dutchess is a neato newbie: nodes her library, nodes her homework, plays well with others (eager to accept and adapt to constructive criticism, etc.) I look forward to working with her more in the future.

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