The X-files

Episode: 1X22
First aired:5/06/94
Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: David Nutter

A research scientist dies after being sucked into a jet engine while the retarded janitor, Roland, controls the keyboard to cause his death.

Mulder and Scully find that the scientist is the second scientist to die in a group of four scientists working on a project. Mulder meets with Roland and takes a piece of paper on which Roland was writing numbers. In the lab, Roland attacks another scientist, killing him by placing his head in liquid nitrogen and shattering it on the floor.

The password on one of the scientist's computers matches the numbers that Roland had written before, and they find that the complicated information has been updated supposedly by Roland.

They talk with Roland but he doesn't say much. However, they find with a background check that he and one of the scientists, Grable were identical twins. Mulder feels that Roland and his twin brother may have a psychic bond that may have been increased when his brother died and that Grable may have gained a higher conscious, allowing him to control Roland. Grable's head has been preserved after his death and the last remaining scientist sneaks into the lab and starts to thaw it.

In the lab, Roland works with the computer and as the head of his brother is being warmed, his concentration starts to shake but is able to finnish the work. The scientist finds him and Roland knocks him into the engine room. Roland is stopped from killing the scientist by Mulder and Scully.

Roland is held for examination but Mulder insists that he be released, which he is.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "How was the wedding?"
Scully -- "You mean the part where the groom passed out or the dog bit the drummer?"
Mulder -- "Did you catch the bouquet?"
Scully -- "May-be..."

Mulder -- "I don't think they'll be performing this experiment on Beakman's World."

Mulder -- "You've got a brother, don't you Scully?"
Scully -- "Yeah. I've got an older one and a younger one."
Mulder -- " Well, have you ever thought about calling one of them all day long and then all of a sudden the phone rings and it's one of them calling you?"
Scully -- "Does this pitch somehow end with a way for me to lower my long distance charges?"

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