Pretty nifty synthesizer. Cheap, too. Got mine for $850 incl. shipping. It has a 32-bit RISC processor with 8MB ROM waveforms, a fully programmable synth engine with a 16-track, 20,000 note MRC-Pro sequencer and a decent effects processor (40 effects). Its 640 patches can be expanded to over 1,600 with up to four SR-JV80-Series Expansion Boards. The XP-50 can sync its LFOs to MIDI clock, allowing you to easily create dance rhythms or spiffy synth sweeps. RPS patterns can also be locked in sync and even played back directly off the floppy, though that tends to be a tad slow.

Its only flaw is the fact that it's hell to learn how to use all of its features, and the manual is pretty bad.

Overall, I like it very much. Perfect for Industrial, Ambient or other permutation of electronica. The entire Roland XP/JV series kicks ass.

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