Having been driven quite insane by the ridiculous quantities of reputation amassed during his attempts to fully integrate the softlinks within a single node, Pseudo_Intellectual, last seen riding an ostrich into the sunset, was incapable of writing a day log for today. Our editorial staff has instead seen fit to cobble together the following day log from his notes, which seem to entirely consist of quotes from outside sources, primarily accrued from friends on the revived tabnet discussion board at bonk.dynip.com:
    Subject: canada roxx
    Posted by meija (tabber elite 500)
    Posted on 7/2/00 02:08 AM
    From IP

    i took a short trip downtown today to put up some posters for a show that i'm putting on next weekend.

    on the skytrain beside me was a lady and her 5(?) year old little girl, as we're passing science world and false creek the lady points out to her kid

    "wow.. look.. isn't canada beautiful.. do you see that?"

    "yes mommy.. mcdonalds"

An excerpt (the posting of which is dedicated to junkpile as specified in the margins) from With My Foot In My Mouth from Dennis Lee's book Nicholas Knock and Other People which our records show he recently purchased at a used bookstore along with other seminal works of children's literature: Finally, he wanted to draw attention to two citations (one extensive, one a one-liner) from his friend PlaceboMan, who is presently trekking through the wilds of Australia:
    Where are you from?

    "I'm from Illinois. Well, actually I'm from Massachusetts, but I spent the last four years in Illinois going to school, and I'd just like to forget about my life before then. It was pretty boring. I've been here for a week and am never going back."

    How long are you staying?

    "My Visa's good for four months. After that, I'll either get an extension or an onward ticket."

    Where are you going in Australia?

    "I don't know. North, first, I guess."

    Where are you going after Australia?

    "I don't know."

    Any plans at all?

    "No. None. All I know is I'm not going back to the States. I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. Except laundry."

    Wow, even if I do meet people it's only for a day or two before they or I head off in another direction. It's a funny, lonely world.

Update! Our team of trained professionals is as we speak on their way to answer a call of an ostrich sighting. We may soon have this subculturally essential individual back in our care, at which point the long and tricky process of rehabilitation can begin.

Your well wishes are appreciated, but please, hold your upvotes back for fear of exacerbating an already difficult situation.

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