Having found Junky by William S. Burroughs quite interesting as an expository story of early Heroin addiction, I was looking forward to reading the much hyped Naked Lunch, Burroughs' most famous work.

This book is infamous for being extremely explicit and shocking, having been banned for years in the US. The book did have some rather graphical descriptions of scenes including all kinds of sexual perversions, mutation stories and strange hallucinatory experiences. While perhaps shocking to the average person back then, as a member of todays stile project reading generation, I found it no worse than the strange URL's I send to my friends for my own entertainment.

Aside from the explicitness, there are a few interesting surreal scenes such as Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk? but I found large sections quite tedious as it seemed that Burroughs was just rambling on while high.

While this book is no doubt significant as a censorship issue and a pre-sixties psychadelic novel, I did not find it particularly entertaining. If you wish to read about drug experiences, I reccomend erowid (web site), Fear and loathing in Las Vegas or PiHKAL as superior alternatives (IMO).