Aren't thrift stores cool?

I showed up at the local Salvation Army store at a few minutes after 5, and there was a small crowd of people there waiting for the doors to open. Inside they had clothes and books and furniture (25% off all furniture this week, y'all), but I was there to scrounge for computer stuff. I caved in and bought a PS/2 (it was under a buck! it was made by "IBM de Mexico"! it has a Property of NASA barcode!)

There was a lanky guy, gone a bit grey, with not much more than ten teeth in his head, who was telling people about stuff in the store. Seeing me check out the machines, he commented to one of the other coustomens, "He sure looks like he knows how to get that thing running." He walked over to me with a big, warm smile on his face.

"You sure look like you know what to look for."


"What's that thing got in it, a 30meg hard drive?"

"Twenty." I poked around to see the proceesor. "I really want a 386, though."

"You want one? I got two piles of them this high." Motioned with hands.


"Sure. You come by here next Thursday, and I'll have one for you for $15. I'll make sure it runs real well."


"Heck, you want two of 'em?"

I laughed. "No, thank you." Pause. "Be here Thursday, then?"