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One of the greatest baseball players ever, Reggie Jackson is the only player ever to be named MVP in two World Series. He struck out more than he hit, but the hits were often marvels to behold. His extraordinary play in the Fall Classic earned him the nickname "Mr. October". His rise to greatness started with the Oakland Athletics, as he won the 1973 World Series MVP. Perhaps his most shining moment was the 1977 World Series, when he played for the New York Yankees. Jackson homered in games 4, 5, and 6, including an amazing 3 homers on three pitches in game 6. He was the toast of the town, even getting his name on a candy bar. He was traded to the California Angels, winning a third home run title with them in 1982. He returned to the Oakland A's, retiring in 1987 with 563 career home runs, sixth on the all-time list. A renowned car buff, Jackson owns hundreds of vehicles of various ages. A number of them were lost in a house fire a few years back.

Reggie Jackson was also among very few players to have a candy bar named for him. (Note that Baby Ruth was not named for Babe Ruth.) He is regarded with mixed emotion by Yankees fans; while a very good player, his hot dog attitude and ugly glasses made him a figure of mixed appeal.

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