The candy bar that has been described as looking "like poop", supposedly named after a President's daughter -- Yet why does it please me so much?

I like the initial aroma when I first rip the shiny plastic serrated end and expose the light brown bar inside. The aroma reminds me of my childhood, my father's perpetual craving for fresh peanuts. Babe Ruth appeals to me because of its simplicity. None of this fancy-schmancy "Creamy nougat" or "rice crisp" bullshit. Just plain peanuts coating pure caramel. I find sometimes that huge doses of sweet milk chocolate just shock the hell out of my taste buds -- Babe Ruth bars are nearly perfect to me because they deliver fresh peanut taste with the perfect level of sweetness.

The first initial tongue-to-bar contact charges my "salt-detecting" taste buds because the peanuts retain a wonderful salty coating to them. There comes a great satisfaction from the first chewy bite of the bar and the first encounter with the sweet caramel inside.

Bite after bite, the Babe Ruth bar delivers mouth-watering peanutty satisfaction. Perhaps, subconsciously, my love for this peanut confection makes up for my condition of being allergic to every other type of nut out there? Although we must consider that peanuts are technically legumes. Oh well.

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