The USA has its Baby Ruth, Australia has its Tim Tam, while the Philippines.... well, it has its Choc-nut. It's not sealed in colorful foil wrappers or as expensive as most commercial chocolate candies, but its selling like hotcakes here at the Philippines.

Choc-nut is a small block of chocolate (think of a thinner and slightly longer version of Bazooka Joe's bubblegum) made from peanuts, cane sugar, milk, cocoa powder, and artificial flavoring, wrapped in recycled paper. Most people, especially foreigners, compare it to USA's Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups only that Choc-nut is much cheaper, but I disgress.


Another unique feature about Choc-nuts that makes it even better is the challenge they impose upon the consumer. Most of the time, it crumbles or breaks into three small pieces when you grab it which makes it harder to eat.

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