A porn star known for doing some nasty stuff. She appeared in the movie World's Biggest Gang Bang II, in which she claims to have fucked 300 guys. This is technically not true. There was about 100 guys there, and she fucked them all an average of 3 times each.

After the noteriety of the gang bang wore off (She was quickly one-upped by Houston, who did 500 men (using the same math given above)), she managed to get back into the spotlight briefly by making a movie entitled Blow it Out Your Ass, where she (off-camera) stuffed a butane tank up her butt and (on-camera) jetted a 6-foot stream of fire out of her ass. Howard Stern loved it. I'm not sure I'd want that kind of press.

Jasmin is very dark-skinned and exotic-looking. She claims to have a Spanish and French background, but she looks a lot more like an Indian (the kind from Asia). She has very large fake breasts. She is a bitter rival of fellow pornstar Kendra Jade.

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