To search or poke around for things, often hoping to get them at little or no cost.

Students for Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education

Scrounge is a non-profit student organization at Penn State York. The main drive of Scrounge is to take computers donated by local companies and refurbish them in order to donate them to non-profit groups in the area. The core philosophy of Scrounge is to provide computers for underprivileged organizations and people so that they don’t fall behind in this “digital age.”

Scrounge was formed in 1996 as part of the Penn State chapter of ACM. Scrounge was intended to be a campus wide initiative; basically this means that it was intended to be a program at every Penn State branch campus. However, as the years went by only the York area seemed to have the resources available for the program. What York had that the other branch campuses didn’t was a large factory near by, namely Harley Davidson. This factory is the primary source of over ninety percent of the computers that are donated out each year by Scrounge. With the passing of time Scrounge would also remove its ties with ACM as it had become its own entity through countless hours of hard work.

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