Okay, so my Mom's house is up in the mountains, amid the redwood forest parks and such. In fact one such park is pretty much all that surrounds us. Hills covered with redwoods; it's pretty nice.

Anyway, there I am with some guys on the hill, building a fortress for the coming (mock?) battle against some unspecified enemy (could be my sister and her soc friends) [could be the loggers]. I headed back to the house to get some supplies. Ran into my Mom on the way; she was heading for the hill, though not necessarily my team's area of the hill. We both went back into the house, went into the kitchen and I started looking for a jar or two. I used the jar(s) to get some water from the aquarium that was mysteriously sitting in front of the washing and drying machines. When the dust settled in the jar, I could see all sorts of little things swimming around (or were they all dead?).

So I left the kitchen, ready to return to the battlefield with my newfound pond water. But along the way, I went upstairs for some unspecified reason. As I headed into the guest bedroom, my grandmother jumped out from behind the doorframe. She was naked. I dealt with the situation by grabbing the photo album in the corner and promptly waking up.

Being awake was a strange experience: I realized I forgot to get food or medicine before going to sleep. I wonder if there's an all-night drug store around here, which makes me start thinking about Superhero by Ani Difranco. Heigh-ho.