The first thing I remember from the dream was me working in a shop, dealing with difficult female customers. Then I went outside into a corridor and saw my girlfriend. I said "Don't ever leave me so I have to go out with one of those bitches", and kissed her. Fade out.

Fade in, at my house. I remember I have to go out to see my girlfriend for an important reason. I go out the door, telling my parents where I'm going, and turn left down a street. It's night. Unfortunatly, I'm actually proceeding to her twin sister's house. I get there, realise my error, and begin to walk back. But on the way back, I meet a gang of armed men in suits.

I know that something horrible has happened to my girlfriend because I didn't get to her house before these guys. I run back into my own house, and they begin shooting into it. My family are out on the patio, and we're dodging bullets. Fade out, I wake up.