Okay, I'm almost embarrassed to admit to this dream, but here goes.

I find myself the President of The United States of America . I remember three scenes:

  1. I was in my bedroom (presumably in the oval office). There were these drawers containing lots and lots of neatly folded whites. This was truly a wonderful thing for a bachelor's bachelor. What's even better, there was someone (I don't remember who, handing me the cloths.
  2. I was giving some type of press conference or speech to members of the media. I'm pretty sure it was a Q&A session. But I decided to give a little initial talk. I was nervous but did fine. Afterwards, we were all seated around a large table on a stage in an auditorium. However, there were these columns or something blocking my view of the audience. Anyhow, during this meeting, there were various arguments. I remember one person pointing towards a TV set. I got angry and demanded the TV be turned off.
  3. I was having lunch at some very nice place. I was near a window-type opening into another part of the restaurant. There on the other side was a girl I knew from high school. I was very surprised. We talked and flirted, and I distinctly remembered thinking "Hey, I'm the president. Can I ask her out?"