I had a bad photo shop encounter last night at Europhoto. I went in to pick up my 8 rolls of minxed 35mm film, aps and slide film and well there were a few problems... The 2 rolls of 35mm each had gunky blue splotches on all the prints! It was on the negatives too, runing a great series of shots of Blues harmonica legend James Cotton, that I shot from the fromt row in Milan a few months back, as well as some shots of Beck I had also shot at a concert in Milan. Well I was a little peeved and became more so when the store wouldn't take credit for having fucked up my film and instead shirked the blame and suggested the film was out of date, and/or had been attacked by x-rays when I brought it over from the US. I told them they had just lost a customer and I wasn't paying for the runined film. Then when I got the rest of it home and was looking at the slides I realized they miscut 6 prime slides I shot last month in London of MMW, so that each frame has 2/3 of one image and 1/3 of another... Now I was really pissed, because this proves their lab fucked up my shit. Miscutting slides is not due to x-rays or out-of-date film (which I know these rolls wern't... I've been shooting photos for 13 years or so and I've never bought out of date film in order to save a buck). Customer service just doensn't exist here in Italy. So now I need to find a new photo shop so I can have prints made from some slides for my upcoming show at Cafe des Artes in March. For which I made a flyer for that I'm very happy with. Had a great conversation with Kristi last night... she has her Italian exam today. We talked about open relationships and how she met a boy at the Ani Difranco concert last week and was afraid to tell me because I might get mad or jealous or something. I found a great new DAE app, called FastRip... had no problem extractig audio without jitter errors that I had previously had trouble with using ... oh I forget the other apps name...Cdex! that's the ticket! Also reinstalled Winamp and now it too is running smoothly... Today is another sunny mild morning here in Torino. Tonight I'm going to a sppech by Leonardo Chiariglione stopping in at the Cafeteria Vecchia Torino to show them their finished web-page and at Cafe des Artes to drop off a stack of flyers on them. Hopefully Khalil will have his phone on and we can get together as well.