Torino is the correct Italian name for Turin. It is the capital of the Piedmonte region of northern Italy. It is located on the River Po and is atypical of Italian cities as it is laid out on a grid. When the Savoy's rulled here people spoke French.
Home to FIAT and the Shroud of Turin, as well as the largest outdoor market in Europe, Porta Pallazo.

Torino is the former seat of the Piedmont Kingdom which unified Italy in the 1860s. Also where the Italian film, automobile and telecomunications industries began.

Torino will play host to the 2006 Winter Olympics. And is home to Italy's soccer teams Juventus (which has won the most national championships of all the teams in the country) and Torino (which is the Chicago Cubs of Italian soccer).

The city's coat of arms displays a bull rising on it's hind legs and snorting...

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