Today I had all my midterms. Luckily I only have them in half my classes--Lighting, Production Animation, and Archaeology and the Old Testament.

  • Prod. Anim. - Reassuringly named "Midterm Quiz". Basically our second ever in the class, that is if you don't count the first one twice. (He had to give it to us twice because everyone failed it the first time--he rewrote it and gave it a second time) It wasn't so bad--Final Cut Pro I understand. ;p
  • Lighting - Ugh. Our teacher apparently doesn't like the idea of "multiple choice". I don't think I did too bad, though.
  • Archaeology - Well, the multiple choice section was okay... the true or false section was vague and terrifying... the short answer section was the valley of the shadow of death... and the essay? Ahaha.
         Discuss the issue surrounding the "Babel vs. Bible" debate of the early twentieth century. What similarities and major differences are there between (a) the creation account; and (b) the flood accounts in Mesopotamia and the Bible and how is it possible to reconcile the two versions?"
    My essay begins: "Frankly, my dear..." Goodbye, 25% of my grade...

I come back home and write a node about a browser egg and discover I have 1 writeup to level. Whoa, what? Sure, I noded a book last night (Sylvie and Bruno) but I was a bit farther off than that yet... It seems level requirements have been lowered. I'll get to see Node Heaven! Hooha.

And you, you have a good day too.