The title of this node comes from the Cigarette Smoking Man of The X-Files, a man who, despite his evil intentions, has a lot of great advice to give. I feel that regardless of the measures we take to have a life that comes and goes with no regrets, somewhere down the road we will make a choice that will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Already at age twenty I have made several choices which I am not proud of and that I have come to regret.

I regret having made several choices in my current relationship, which now have kept me trapped with a person who does not love me, and who does not understand what I want in love and in life.

I regret things I have said to my friends and family... sometimes I have said too much and hurt them, causing our friendship to end. Other times I did not say enough, or did not do the right thing, which could have even saved the life of one of my friends.

Despite the inevitability of regret, I do not believe that all things we end up regretting do not get resolved. Even though we do make mistakes, sometimes we are given the chance to correct these terrible choices we make and through this reconciliation we learn more about ourselves and, more importantly, we learn more about what life is like. If we can confront our mistakes and resolve them, then a life without regrets is possible.

I want to live a life free of regrets

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